The smart Trick of Fresh food display case led lighting That Nobody is Discussing

The smart Trick of Fresh food display case led lighting That Nobody is Discussing

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Promolux, a distinguished leader in innovative lighting solutions for the retail industry, proudly introduces the groundbreaking D•Tube LED – a revolutionary lighting solution meticulously crafted for supermarket cooler and freezer doors. This state-of-the-art product represents the pinnacle of lighting technology, offering unparalleled visibility, energy efficiency, and longevity, thereby setting a new standard for excellence in retail lighting.

The D•Tube LED is engineered with a myriad of features specifically designed to elevate product visibility and optimize energy efficiency. Sporting double rows of LEDs arranged in a V-shape, it boasts a powerful 180° beam angle, ensuring uniform illumination and optimal product visibility even in the most confined spaces. Its versatility extends to installation, with options for mounting on the left side, right side, or center door mullions, catering to a diverse range of commercial applications.

In addition Supermarket display case led lighting to its superior lighting technology, the Safe Spectrum technology by Promolux reduces photo and lipid oxidation of items in refrigerated display cases. This technology helps to reduce waste and shrinkage of fresh foods and makes Promolux an effective solution for supermarkets in terms of shelf life optimization. Overall, Promolux LED Lights provide a safe, reliable, and energy-efficient method of preserving ground beef patties in retail refrigerated displays.

Elevating Supermarket Cooler and Freezer Lighting

Effective visual merchandising plays a pivotal role in the grocery industry, where consumers make purchasing decisions based on the color and appearance of food products. The Color Preference Index (CPI) is a critical metric in the world of lighting

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